Rainfall good for some, bad for others

ALMOND TREES: Should burst with blossom.
TORRENTIAL rainfall was good for crops in the southern Costa Blanca although the centre and north suffered.
The rain dispelled the threat of night frosts in the south and was welcomed by Eladio Aniorte, president of the Asaja agricultural union. “If it weren’t for the rain, everything would have frozen.”
Hail and snow in the north and centre of the province affected early potatoes, broad beans, onions and artichokes. Root and green vegetables were damaged in the Villena area where overnight temperatures plummeted to -7.5C when the weather was at its worst.  Growers were also pessimistic about the next olive crop. 
Crops like grapes which are grown on unirrigated land felt the benefit, Aniorte said, while citrus fruit and green vegetables were losers.  The biggest winners were the inland growers in mountain areas to the north.  
“Rain is marvellous for cherries, avocados and nisperos.  They are all going to bud with gusto next spring, and the same with the almonds, which could produce a great crop,” Aniorte predicted. 


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