Men in van tried to abduct children in Malaga

Plaza Pío XII, Malaga.

Police are hunting two men who tried to abduct groups of children from the streets of Malaga City.

In two separate incidents the men tried and failed to entrap children while playing unsupervised.

According to police, the men are using a van, described as dark green in colour.

One apparently drives slowly down the street while the second man walks a short distance behind.

In the first incident, a teenage boy playing in a park was approached by a man who tried to take him to his van.

But when other people noticed the man he left the boy alone and drove off.  

In the second incident two days later six youngsters noticed they were apparently being followed as they walked home. 

They described one man being in a van on the phone while a second man followed behind.

At some point the van began to speed up and the children started running, according to reports.

The children, said to be aged between seven and 14, ran to the house of one of their relatives.

The National Police were alerted but could find no trace of the two men in the van.

Officers then encouraged the families of the children to make formal statements about what had happened.

So far there have been no further reports of the men or the van.



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