Dangers of depression


DEPRESSION causes 15 per cent of cardiac arrests. That’s according to data from a German study carried out over a 10 year period. This makes the condition as dangerous for your heart as obesity and high blood pressure.

The findings of the study come as the World Health Organisation (WHO) warns that depression affects some 350 million people world wide. 

There are numerous different forms and levels of depression. It is more than just feeling sad and is an illness that is caused by the changes in the brain chemistry. It can be treated so it is important to notice the early signs and get effective help. Signs include the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, believing your situation, whether it be home or work life, can’t and wont be improved. There can be a loss of interest in daily activities, social activities and hobbies, changes in sleep, irritability, weight changes and self loathing.




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