Could Blair pick up the Brexodus baton?

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Tony Blair.

THIS week I was planning to write about the post-neoclassical endogenous growth theory. Quite brief. Provocative. And thrilling. You’d have loved it. Trust me. I’m a journo… Never mind! 

But then something happened. My blood pressure started rising rapidly. And not in a good way. After weeks of depressing news about Trump, Putin, Corbyn, who again emerges from the woodwork? Yes, you guessed: Tony Blair. 

And reports he is said to have met an Oscar-winning film producer to discuss making a documentary about his life. Although Blair’s spokesman said he received many such requests but had agreed to none, according to a source: “They were really keen on the idea. It just ticks all the boxes.” 

Intriguingly, we can only guess what form a possible documentary could take. For some, it could be ‘LA LA Land,’ the movie sequel, where Tony and Cherie write their own fantasy screenplay, find God and dance and sing their way through numerous properties until they locate a bank.

For others, a kind of Bible Story: how an ‘ordinary guy’ feels the hand of history on his shoulder, is ‘instructed’ to topple ruthless tyrants and overcome all manner of evil and, finally, a legend in his own mind, ends up living in countless country piles. 

We can only guess, too, what Blair, a staunch Europhile who has dropped heavy hints about returning to politics, makes of Theresa May’s 12-point plan (her ‘12 Commandments’ or ‘Brexodus’). One thing’s certain, though. He’d love her job.  

Which reminds me: according to Tom Bower (Tony Blair’s biographer), when Blair became PM, he realised he hadn’t read enough history, so asked Roy Jenkins, his mentor, for advice. Jenkins sent him five books, four written by himself. “The only one we know he read is the biography of Gladstone,” Bower recalls. “Unfortunately, the lesson he seems to have taken from it is that it’s possible to return as PM time and again until the age of 84.” 

Help! Given all last year’s ‘surprises’ (Trump, Brexit etc) who knows what the future might still hold for the UK electorate? 

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  1. If that S.O.B. ever got to lead this country again it would be a disaster. He did more damage to Britain while he was Prime Minister than anyone else who has held this office. He should have been locked up in prison for what he did to this country!

  2. This hateful xxstard must never be allowed any where near the reins of power ever again, in fact, he should be in jail for all the lives which he wasted in Iraq through his lies and his kow towing to his mate Bush, That is the main reason for the immigration crisis which we have at the moment, and, the continuing warfare in the M East.

  3. Yes Roy, you are fairly spot on there!
    This man has caused more problems throughout the world never mind the UK with his stupid decisions and now makes millions off the back of that misery he helped create, he should be in Jail!

  4. Let’s hope they make the film but it must be based on Tom Bower’s book, “Broken Vows”. Not many will read the book but hopefully a lot would watch the film. People would then be able to see what an incompetent, conceited, hypocritical, PM that he was and how he and his cronies ruined the Education system, NHS, and took the country to war to satisfy his own ego.


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