Spain drops to 41 on the International Transparency list

Spain are just one position above Georgia.

SPAIN has dropped to its worst ever position of 41, out of 176, on the International Transparency list.

Denmark and New Zealand are top of the list, with countries such as Uruguay, United Arab Emirates and Qatar still above Spain.

The International Transparency criteria highlight the lack of protection for whistle-blowers as the reason the country scores so poorly, which echoes calls for changes in corruption laws.

Sitting 19 positions above Spain, the UK scored 81 out of 100, along with Germany and Luxemburg.


  1. Corruption is everywhere in Spain!
    Not only moneywice but in everything! When the politiciens of the Police is not doing their job correctly and one can prove it it attack you by turning the facts against you! It’s just unbelievable!
    Europe is right they must change the corruption laws!


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