Paedophile on top 10 wanted list jailed for 30 months


A PAEDOPHILE caught hiding in a camper van on the Costa del Sol has been jailed for 30 months in the UK.

Matthew Sammon had amassed more than 34,000 images and nearly 250 videos of children classed as being at the highest level of obscenity.

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The 46-year-old had been on the run from the UK for almost two years when he was caught in Fuengirola.

Police swooped days after he appeared on a list of the 10 most wanted criminals, known as Operation Captura, who are believed to be hiding out in Spain.

Sammon admitted downloading and making pornographic images of children.

Jailing him at Southwark Crown Court, Judge Deborah Taylor told him “a significant custodial sentence is merited”.


  1. How come he was only jailed for 30 months? The law is becoming softer and softer on criminals these days. Within a couple of years we could see people like this going to jail for only a few weeks!

  2. Amazing that they can find someone hiding in a foreign country in an obscure place but can´t prosecute any of the high profile offenders (MPs etc) in the UK


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