Hiker finds hand grenade in Murcia

Guardia Civil
The hand grenade found in Murcia

BOMB disposal experts recently deactivated a hand grenade found by a hiker in El Palmar, Murcia.

The device was found deep in a ravine in a popular trekking spot. Specialists later confirmed that the mortar dated from the Spanish Civil War.

After the hiker contacted the emergency services an elaborate protocol was instantly put into action.


GEDEX, the Explosives Deactivation Specialist Group was quickly deployed to the region, which they evacuated while working.

Grenades and other dangerous remnants of the Civil War are commonly found across Spain. The Guardia Civil advises anyone who comes across something suspicious to contact them immediately on 062 with GPS coordinates if possible.

People are advised never to touch such devices and to remain in the area until experts arrive to ensure the safety of others. 


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