Spanish truckers attacked in row over cheap wine imports

One driver was made to dump 25,000 litres of wine.

THE Spanish government has issued a formal complaint to France after two truck drivers were attacked in a row over cheap wine imports.

The owner of one of the trucks described to the press how one of his vehicles was forced to dump 25,000 litres of wine.

“Fourteen or 15 armed people threatened the driver to either dump the wine, or watch them destroy the lorry in Narbonne.

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“They were wine producers and it seems they were against us exporting to France.”

Another trucker was approached by eight hooded men while he slept but was left alone once they found out he was importing juice.

“They saw the documents and realised that I was taking juice so they let me go.

“If I had been delivering wine like my co-worker, then they would have made me dump it,” says Juan Francisco.

French producers have resorted to these tactics before as they say they can’t compete with Spain’s lower prices and see its imports as an “invasion they are not willing to accept,” according to union leaders.


  1. typically French approach to the single/internal market & the customs union, notwithstanding the vast amount of subsidy they receive from the not so Common Agricultural Policy.


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