Saving the Salinas wetlands

SALINAS: Hosts an incredible array of wildlife.

LOCAL green activists are hoping to see the Salinas wetlands officially protected as an environmental hotspot. 

Friends of the Wetlands of southern Alicante have requested the beautiful area be included in Valencia’s official green coastal zone. 

The move would include one of the southern Costa Blanca’s most iconic natural reserves in a broader plan to protect the threatened Mediterranean coastline. 

Regional officials hope to preserve almost 2,340 hectares of virgin coastline, protecting it from construction and climatic damage. 

The lighthouse of Santa Pola is already secured in the proposed green zone, but local experts are disappointed that the Salinas hasn’t been automatically included. 

Part of the problem is that the Salinas, stretching from Elche to Santa Pola, are so diverse as to already be considered part of the urban landscape in some definitions. That exposes them to construction and the ravages of urbanisation. 

The wetlands harbour an incredible array of wildlife and are particularly important for birds. Protecting them is immensely important to sustaining the southern Costa Blanca as one of Spain’s most naturally spectacular regions according to the activists. 



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