Concerns over the transport of dogs from Spain to Germany

CARRYING DOGS: Cages should be spacious on either side with an aisle in the middle.

ANIMAL groups have come together to denounce the practices of an animal association which they claim is sending animals to Germany in unfit conditions.

According to their claim, the group is using ‘bad practices’ sending dogs in a cramped old van with little ventilation. The Protective Society of Animals and Plants of Alicante, headed by Raul Merida, said they have photos of the last transfer of dogs to Germany by the Bacarot association. They show the animals being transported in a van that was not equipped to carry the animals as rules are in place as to how a van should be, having spacious cages on either sides with an aisle in the middle. 

There was poor ventilation in the van and no camera in place so the driver and passengers can see the animals in the back, which is another requirement.

Merida said several Seprona agents and two vets were present at the time of their departure and regretted they were somehow permitted to make the journey. Upon their arrival in Germany they were met by German police and official veterinarians. Merida said: “We could not believe that they were allowed to leave under these conditions, it was a shame.” Many animals, particularly dogs, are sent to Germany with agreements in place between shelters and charities to receive them, however, Merida said there are concerns about what eventually happens to them as “nobody gives us guarantees of what happens to the dogs when they arrive in Germany.” 

The associations say that it is “crucial” to stop this type of animal movement and to demand that certain conditions are met to guarantee the  health and survival of all those who are sent abroad.


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