Drones target undeclared property extensions and pools

DRONES: Will take high definition photos.

DRONES hovering across the southern Costa Blanca will target undeclared home extensions as the government battles deviant property owners.
The scheme launched in 2013 has now been expanded to cover more areas than ever before. 
Almost every municipality, town and village in the region will be affected.
The drones, small unpiloted planes using advanced technology to take high definition photos, will cover millions of homes in the coming months. 
It is part of a nationwide effort to tackle property owners believed to be thwarting the taxman by not declaring major home extensions or renovations that add significant value to their land.
Swimming pools, balconies, terraces, gardens, store rooms and sheds are all considered fair game by the authorities.
The drones will take photographic evidence of the undeclared extensions and charge homeowners a ‘regularisation’ fee of €60. Heavier fines may follow if other violations are found.


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