Tools which make improving patients’ well-being possible

Doctor Berenice Ibarra

There are many illnesses which can result in worsened quality of life, either due to the effects of the illness itself or due to the side effects of the treatments, for example in oncology, etc.

In these cases, to reduce symptoms and side effects which different types of patients may experience and help them cope with them we can rely on complementary or integrative medicine.

But what is complementary medicine?

It is a group of practices and products which can complement, but never replace, conventional medical treatment. They serve to alleviate some symptoms of illnesses such as depression, fatigue, etc. as well as possible adverse effects of treatments (such as nausea caused by chemotherapy for example).

Complementary medicine can include all sorts of different things, but HC Marbella International Hospital has currently put its faith in the following: nutrition, physiotherapy, yoga, acupuncture, psychology and mindfulness. These activities are all coordinated and supervised at all times with a Medical Coordinator from the Integrative Medicine Unit, with whom the patient’s needs are identified in advance and a solution is sought through these practices and activities.

In the majority of cases, the results are totally visible and positive.

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