Guardia Civil arrest two Albanian robbers in Madrid

Guardia Civil
Arrest of the Albanians

A PAIR of Albanians aged 25 and 30 travelled to Madrid on a ‘city break in’ to rob houses in affluent areas near to the A6 road with the intention of returning home within a matter of months taking their ill-gotten gains with them.

Officers of the Guardia Civil noticed an increase in the number of robberies from expensive properties in the Torrelodones, Las Rozas and Majadahonda areas and became convinced that they were all being undertaken by the same criminals.

Their modus operandi was for the pair to drive to a selected urbanisation between 7pm and 10pm where they would study the various properties and then choose more than one in an evening to break into.

They would simply climb over fences and then access the property in question by forcing a window on the first floor. It appeared that they didn’t care whether a property was occupied or empty and they undertook at least 12 of these burglaries in a short period of time.

Thanks to a combination of investigation and evidence from eye-witnesses, the officers identified the two men and the property in which they were living and organised a raid which saw the two men arrested and the removal of €15,000, jewellery, a large number of watches, mobile phones, foreign currency and personal documentation.


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