Calls for river clean up

Screens put in place to stop waste from flowing into the river burst due to heavy rain.

RUBBISH needs to be removed from the mouth of the River Segura. Environmental officers say it is an urgent necessity and are calling on the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) to act.

General Director of Environmental Quality and Climate Change, Joan Piquer, visited the mouth of the river and other areas most affected by the gota fria last month, that has resulted in an excessive accumulation of waste and bottles. The screens that are in place to collect containers and waste from all over the area to prevent them heading out to sea were opened due to the heavy rains letting the waste flow out. Others are blocked and need cleaning. This would have improved the natural water flow to help prevent flooding.

Piquer was joined on his visit by Orihuela councillor Jose Luis Saez, who said they have had to pay for maintenance but it should be down to the CHS. It was also noted that they were even fined €10,000 by the CHS for the accumulation of waste and discharges.

The Association of Friends of the Wetlands of Southern Alicante (AHSA), also claims the problem has been continuing for months.

Piquer promised to ask for a solution from the CHS.


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