Winter is here: mass of polar air brings freezing conditions to much of Spain

IT’LL BE ALL WHITE ON THE NIGHT: Heavy snowfall in Reinosa, Cantabria.

THE freezing conditions which have gripped Europe over the last week are set to descend on Spain from Tuesday, January 17.

The Spanish meteorological service, AEMET, has issued a yellow severe weather alert for low temperatures in Jaen, Granada and Almeria, with a coastal warning also in place.

Snow is expected to fall at relatively low altitudes across northern Spain and the Balearics as a powerful mass of polar air sweeps the country.

Further north, a maximum red warning was issued in Huesca, Aragon, and Lleida, Catalonia, plus 19 other provinces on Monday, January 16, after heavy snowfall overnight heightened the risk of avalanches, while snow also provoked travel chaos in Burgos and Leon, Castilla y Leon.

Strong winds of 70-100 km/h have accompanied the cold snap thus far, with a yellow warning issued in Barcelona and five-metre waves set to lash Mallorca and Menorca.

There is also a possibility of snowfall along the Mediterranean coastline from Catalonia to Almeria.

Readers are advised to take care and wrap up warm in the areas affected, with temperatures lower than 5°C forecast throughout much of the peninsula on Wednesday and Thursday.

In mountainous areas, particularly the Pyrenees and Iberian System, minimum temperatures of -10 to -15°C are expected.


  1. When the government in their wisdom, decided that they would stop paying the fuel payment to pensioners who were living in better general temperate countries, they asked the weather people to work out where temperatures were avering 5 degrees , and used that as a cut off point. My argument about that is the payment was paid in lou of higher fuel payments when temperatures got colder, but in countries where temperatures rise seasonally we pensioners still have to fund the higher fuel payments respective to our own fuel requirements. In other words to stop persons who might die or become unwell due to weather conditions. Heat can and does kill just as much as cold.


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