Study to take advantage of storms around Vega Baja

PLANS to take advantage of heavy rainfall.

RESERVOIRS could be built around the Vega Baja to help take advantage of rainwater after storms.

The Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment has told the community Riegos de Levante Margen Derecha, which includes some 3,500 hectares of irrigated crops in the heart of the Vega Baja, they will study the possibility of constructing small and medium reservoirs to take advantage of floods that occur after heavy rainfall such as the recent December storm. 

This plan would extend to most of the rambles, streams and rivers along the coast of Alicante Province.

By creating these small reservoirs it would store the water and could then be of greater use for irrigation or be channelled directly into the sea. 

During the December storms, some 200 litres per square metre of rain fell and in some points of the Marina Alta and El Comtat, this reached 500 litres of water.

The first of the consultancy and feasibility study will be carried out for a reservoir near the mouth of the river Segura. Secretary of the the Riegos de Levante in the Vega Baja, said: “It would be very enriching, especially for the north of the province, where most water is wasted after storms; I see it viable and reasonable.”


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