Villajoyosa winter storm damage funding plea

VILLAJOYOSA: Just some of the repairs needed.

VILLAJOYOSA is asking the Provincial Council of Alicante for aid following the storm damage suffered during December 2016.

The council’s Department of Environment is preparing a report which details the many areas affected by the extreme weather, with a view to the regional authorities helping fund repairs.

Pedro Alemany, councillor for the Environment, Jaime Ramis, councillor for Urbanism and the town’s mayor Andreu Verdú, have now visited the many sites, which were affected by the intense rains, to evaluate the damages and to personally ensure that the Provincial Council support programme submission included all factors.

One of the areas the councillors visited was the beach of Bol Nou which suffered severe damage, causing concern for the safety of the public.  Other parts of Villajoyosa saw large rocks disturbed and stone steps undermined. 

Pedro Alemany said: “Rains of such intensity as those suffered a few weeks ago always cause damage, especially in areas where water flows more intensely. That is why we have started an evaluation file to be able to correct as soon as possible the damages caused by the rain. For this we will ask for help to the Provincial Council as it is being carried out in other affected areas, we hope to be able to fix it as soon as possible.”



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