Kidnappers of a man in Alicante identified and arrested by the National Police

Palma Teen Arrested For Faking Her Own Kidnapping
Palma Teen Arrested For Faking Her Own Kidnapping

OFFICERS from the Alicante National Police have arrested two men for their involvement in the kidnapping of a 38-year-old man involved in drug trafficking.

Those arrested kept the victim under guard and at gunpoint in their property for more than twelve hours, but he eventually managed to escape and reported his imprisonment to the police.

According to him he was persuaded to go to the address of his captors where they immediately threatened him with a gun and kept him against his will demanding that he pay them for a delivery of cocaine.


The individual claimed in his report that he was repeatedly struck about the face whilst receiving threats against his life and that of his family before managing to make his escape.

The investigation was carried out by the Narcotics division of the  Judicial Police of Alicante, whose officers managed to establish the identity of the kidnappers and in searching the homes of a 29-year-old from the Dominican Republic and a 38-year-old from Colombia found 100 grams of cocaine.



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