Is there any ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel?

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GREAT BUDDHA: Suggested the problem is cured with right thoughts.

BETTER look twice at that light. It is either the exit of the darkness from your oval confine or the proverbial fast moving train comin’ your way! But, there is definitely no need to panic, yet.

It’s a new dawn, a new set of circumstances and a new year to reformulate and control better our desired way forward.

We have indeed been passing through dark times. That reality cannot be denied. We have received the curse of the Chinese camel driver whose worst admonition was to condemn his detractors ‘to live in interesting times.’


Well, that’s just what we’ve inherited and are bombarded with daily. The solemnity of the occasion enforced by every news media within sight or listening distance.

The media has become the message. And, it is an absolute must we learn to turn the dial or push the off button. Start the day with music and, when feeling low, more music, and at the end of the day, more music. All the other jibber jabber is to keep you off balance and create an uncommon fear.

The great Buddha suggested a treatment for this 2,300 years ago. The problem is cured with right thoughts, right thinking, right actions. We must dominate the circumstances that try to surround and engulf us.

Oh, and Trump. Well I find him revoltingly refreshing. Isn’t it nice to hear someone speak not like a politician. Not with the usual ‘all is well.’  There is no corruption, and if so “there will be an investigation, right away.”

But have you ever heard of the results of just one of those special enquiries? Me neither. Tell the dumb voter what they want to hear and nothing more. Never suggest new ideas or changes or policies that might be confusing. Stay with the status quo, kiss the babies, hug the mothers, smile and wave. All is well and will forever be so.

In reality that was Hillary’s campaign – common banalities, but soothing only to not discerning minds. Whereas the other had a bombastic approach, fired up the masses and spoke in a gutter language no one was accustomed to hearing. Rhetoric so unusual it arrived on wings of undeniably disturbing change – but real authentic change. 

The exciting challenge is that a non politician is taking the reigns. Approaching life’s problems through a different systematic solution route.

The revered founding fathers of America so often referred to in such reverent terms consisted of only 35 per cent politicians, the rest being farmers, store owners and men of trade.

These convoluted times demand a new approach for novel solutions. It is well obvious that past way of doing things has gotten us into the current mess which we are forced to endure.

The world is desperate for new leaders, not from the usual legal rank and file, to offer new and authentic solutions.



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