Winter plans help to prevent summer fires

HANDBOOK ADVICE: Trees should be at least 10 metres away from houses.

MAIN drainage in the Girasoles zone in Benitachell’s Cumbre del Sol is functioning once more.

The €52,000 cost of replacing 680 metres of sewage pipes damaged in last September’s fire was financed by the council although the town hall has applied for grants to cover this from the Generalitat and the Alicante Diputacion.

Hydrants that were so important in preventing the fire from spreading to other urbanisations last year have also been inspected. 

The town hall is currently dealing with owners’ requests for undergrowth and trees to be cleared from areas surrounding their properties, said the town hall’s Residents’ department which is headed by Dirk Rheindorf.

The regional government has now issued a manual that recommends separating homes from woodland with a 30-metre strip that has been cleared of undergrowth.  The same handbook advises leaving four metres between trees inside gardens and pruning them to two-thirds of their height. They should also be at least 10 metres away from houses, the Generalitat said. 

Applications can be made, by appointment, at the town hall’s Residents’ department on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm or by calling 606 831 607.


  1. Great! finaly some prevention! Is this only for Cumbre del Sol or for all Comunidad Valenciana? Were can the new legislation be found?
    Another prevention would be to stop people to burn in the open! The neighbour just in front of my house burned every week during the summer 2015 without a “quemador” (the bloc tower in which they usualy burn). We called each time the Local Police who just made fun out of us saying it’s an ancestral custom! Then late August they burned again and couldn’t stop the flames from invading the neighbours behind their property!!! Luckely the neighbours were home and helped to stop the fire from progressing! The Guardia Civil was called in and they made a report so luckely the neighbours in front have stopped burning in the open! You won’t believe me but we had the same problem in 2016 with other neighbours!!! That’s why we would like that a general rule would be made: NO MORE FIRES IN THE OPEN! It’s just too dangerous, everything is so dry and there are so many area with dead wood, dead trees, etc… Thank you for helping us for the safety of all!


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