A licence to drive a car or lorry… and now ride a bike?

A licence, Insurance and a licence plate would be required before you could ride.

THE Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) has suggested cyclists should require licences before they can go on the road.

A points system for the licence, compulsory insurance and even a licence plate are also included in the proposals.

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As it stands, cyclists share almost identical rights as pedestrians, except that they are obligated to use the roads.

A spokesperson for RACE said: “We are not against cyclists. We want all road users to be safe… What we are proposing is that road users follow the same rules and have the same rights.”

A bicycle licence would cost an estimated €70, plus the cost of insuring a bike and the necessary paperwork to get a licence plate.

Manuel Martin, head of the cycling pressure group, ConBici, said it was “absolutely ridiculous that RACE has made a proposal that nowhere else in the world would think of implementing.”

Bringing in such measures “would stop almost everyone from riding a bike,” he said. 


  1. Something needs to be done to make the roads and pavements more safe for pedestrians. Example I was walking my dog and had to cross the road, which I had started doing, when this woman came along in her car. She was peering over the dashboard and with both hands on the wheel. She was coming round the roundabout as I was crossing and she drove straight passed me without actually seeing me I am sure. Had the same thing with other drivers, so god knows what driving school they attended. So if they do not respect others how do you keep cyclists from riding , sometimes very fast on the pavements and walkways sometimes very close to pedestrians. This idea is on the right track, but there also needs to be some care taken with the positioning of bike lanes, so that they do not take space on pavements away from walkers, or impede traffic when crossing crossroads. Better to factor some safe lanes when planning the layout of towns and cities and communities.

  2. And stricter rules, especially the thousands who come to Spain and ‘sport’ ride on the roads and cause havoc with traffic…deliveries, etc. Even on wide bicycle lanes there’s a third abreast cue on the road…they’re much loathed here…


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