Barry loves Flea

FRIENDS FOREVER: Barry and Flea.

WHEN homeowner Susan returns to the UK for holidays she worries about what to do with her dogs. Barry and Flea in particular are small dogs, a little anxious because of their rescue history but above all they are great companions and are always seen together. 

Barry, a young Chihuahua, loves to challenge Flea, to tease her and nip at her heels. Flea is more relaxed, and perhaps because she is more mature tolerates Barry’s friendly needling, but in actual fact she rather likes his attentions. They enjoy each other’s company so much that they appear inseparable. They have only to hear tyre tracks on the road outside their gate and off they swoop to chase the sound of the car across the length of the property. 

They see the hens emerging from their coup each morning in the garden and off they trot to check on the flock. It’s a great team, and they evidently love their life at home. So when their owner Susan plans a holiday she always prefers to have house-sitters at home, following her routine with the dogs and hens. It means that after her holiday she returns worry free, with a knowledge that Barry and Flea will be safe and contented at home in her absence.


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