Fugitive paedophile arrested in Ibiza

Metropolitan Police UK.
Paul Michael Silverthorn

A fugitive paedophile who preyed on underage teens before fleeing London with his girlfriend has been arrested in Ibiza.

Paul Michael Silverthorn was found by the Guardia Civil just months after his girlfriend, Leila Kassam, was arrested in the same town, Sant Joan.

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Arriving in Ibiza during the summer, they were able to elude authorities using fake documents and altering their appearance, police said.

A judge in Madrid has now remanded Silverthorn in custody following an extradition hearing, the results of which have not been announced.

Kassam was extradited back to the UK in December and it is believed her partner will soon follow.

The couple were both found guilty of indecently assaulting a girl of 15 and possessing and distributing child pornography in the UK.

Kassam is currently serving a four-year sentence while Silverthorn, from east London, faces a nine-year sentence on his return to the UK.

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Leila Kassam


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