Alleged sadomasochistic sex offenders thwarted in Alicante

The 53-year-old man gained the young teenager's trust by using 10 fake profiles and names.

TWO men have been arrested in Alicante for alleged sexual abuse of minors, child prostitution and sharing child pornography.

The men, aged 53 and 23, were arrested by the National Police after investigating a case reported by a 15-year-old boy and his parents in November.

The alleged victim explained that he had joined a homosexual chat group on the internet but had been encouraged by an administrator of the group, allegedly the older of the arrestees, to leave as he was underage. However, the man kept in touch with the teenager, gaining his trust through 93,000 messages sent from 10 fake profiles and names.

Eventually the two started up a sexual relationship, but the boy was soon introduced by the older man into S&M practices. Taking the role of a dominant master, the accused allegedly persuaded his victim that he had a right to share the boy with other people for sexual purposes and convinced him to have sex with other men, including the younger of the two arrestees.

Investigations leading to the arrests were carried out by the Technological Crime Group of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade for Alicante.


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