‘Kamikaze’ driver smashes into police road block

The moment the car smashed into the road block..

A 40-YEAR-OLD man crashed into a Guardia Civil road block after going the wrong way up the A-92 motorway in Almeria.

Starting in the Almerian town of Abla, the man barrelled down the motorway for 40km before smashing into a police 4×4.

The Guardia Civil announced on their twitter page that the man is believed to have mental health issues and they do not believe it was an act of terror.

No-one was harmed except for the driver, who suffered minor injuries.

The Senegalese man is being held in custody until he appears in court.


  1. Yet another incomer adding to this country’s rich diversity , just as they do in the U.K. A big difference here though. His nationality is revealed immediately whereas in the U.K it would have been withheld until the case came to court, and possibly not admitted even then.


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