Monkey business

NO PAPERWORK: For highly endangered animals.

A PALMA zoo faces prosecution over its possession of a group of highly endangered animals without the proper paperwork. Guardia Civil officers acting on a tip-off carried out two inspections of the S’Aranjassa zoo and also found that five mongooses had managed to escape. 

The zoo had no permission to hold the mongooses, or the three turtles, two kinkajous and one capuchin monkey which were still there. 

The missing mongooses made their escape in October, giving them almost a three month head start on the government environmental squad charged with capturing them. 

Meanwhile the monkey, a tree-dwelling, frog-catching, half-metre high New World native, will be escorted to the Natura Park. A special permit is needed to look after primates, especially capuchins, considered one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, even understanding the concept of money. 


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