Kick start a healthier year


OK so Christmas and New Year is now over. Most of us have eaten and drunk far more than we should have and the excuse of worrying about it in the New Year is now long overdue; the New Year is here so take charge and start now. 

Whatever your goals start slowly and be realistic. Making small steps is likely to be much more achievable than planning to run the London marathon in April when you’ve never run further than up and down the stairs.

Seek medical advice when planning on embarking on a full diet and exercise plan to ensure you are doing things correctly and will not do any harm to your body. Joining a gym is always a good way to get professional advice as trainers will show you how to use the machines and what are the best exercises for the results you are looking for. Equally trying to get fitter does not have to cost the earth. Go for a long brisk walk, cycle, swim or even sign up to a fitness program on You Tube that can be done from the comfort of your own living room.


Embarking on a fitness regime is no good on its own, it should be combined with a healthier eating plan. Try and cut down on portion sizes and gradually remove the remainder of the Christmas sweet treats and replace with fresh fruit and vegetable options. Drink more water. Water is cheap and has no calories and is key for good health and often when you think you are hungry it could just be that you are thirsty and water will take away the edge.

Encourage others to join you as any sort of health and fitness plan is easier and a lot more fun when you’ve dragged in friends and family to join you to encourage, support and laugh with each other. 



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