Immigrant gamble seriously backfires

MALLORCA COAST: A huge manhunt got underway following discovery of their boat.

POLICE have ordered the immediate extradition of nine of the 13 immigrants who snuck into Mallorca via the Llucmajor coastline on New Year’s Day. A huge manhunt got underway following the discovery of their boat and all were rounded up by the following afternoon. 

Helicopters were dispatched and the operation is still open as it remains unclear exactly how many people landed. Just three such vessels arrived in Llucmajor in 2016, but many more are expected this year. 

Since then 10 have gone through the justice system and found guilty of breaching immigration laws. A further three are minors who will receive special treatment, while doctors are performing tests on one detainee to determine his age. 

All 13 are Algerian nationals and one was hospitalised with hypothermia after landing. The nine facing extradition have been escorted to an immigrant detention centre in Barcelona where they will be kept for up to 60 days before being sent home.

The centres have a history of violence and rioting and see some unfortunate migrants thrown indiscriminately in cells with hardened criminals.


  1. These people need to be all sent back, Spain will suffer the consequences “have already been” if they are not, it doesn’t take a lot of gray cells to understand if you are a soft touch and have slack controls then every Tom, Dick and Harry will come here as we have seen with genius Merkel and her dangerous, stupid and out of touch views that opens up the whole EU to these people!


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