Migrants “should learn English” to be part of British society

Alberto Masnovo

A cross-party group of MPs and peers says migrants coming to the UK must learn English or take language classes when they arrive.
The claim comes from members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration.
Speaking English, the group said, was a “prerequisite for meaningful engagement with most British people”.
The group’s report also described it as the “key to full participation in our society and economy.”
In December, in a review into integration, Dame Louise Casey said levels of segregation among some groups in the UK were “worrying”.
In a separate move, the group also called for immigration powers to be devolved, allowing the governments of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and also city regions to set their own quotas.
The group’s chairman, Labour MP Chuka Umunna, said this would lead to a “more positive” discussion about immigration in the UK.

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  1. Rather like here in Spain. All official forms are in Spanish. If you need a translation you find someone yourself. Education is in Spanish, Health, signposts and everything else are in Spanish – Why? Because this is Spain. Very simple. The rules were clear when we all came to liv here. The UK has allowed this to go on for at least a generation too long, and the results are clear for all to see

  2. What is all right for the goose should be fine for the gander…..British expatiates in Spain (Germany, France, Italy etc) should also have a good knowledge of the local language then….

  3. Learning the language is not enough – you need to be able to practice too, which means interacting and making friends with the locals. This is much easier to do if one works but, in the UK, many of the females do not.


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