Development plans could still go ahead

PUBLIC CONSULTATION: Residents can present comments and objections.

MANY had thought plans to build on Cala Mosca, the last stretch of undeveloped coastal land along the Orihuela Costa had been forgotten about and dropped. Not so.

The town hall has launched the new public consultation procedure on modified plans to build some 1,500 new houses on Cala Mosca. It was launched before Christmas and residents have until the end of January to view the plans at the town hall and present their comments and objections.

It comes after years of fighting the proposals with a petition also presented to the European Commission objecting to the plans which threaten a number of protected species found in the area.

The CLARO party, which had headed the campaign against the development, said the news presents a “new and serious threat to this emblematic area.”

Noting that the material on the town hall website detailing the plans is badly presented and difficult to access properly, CLARO believes this suggests the aim is to rush through a procedure that will enable the developer to request the Valencia Government gives the final go ahead.

The only changes made to the plan, with the layout of streets already marked out on site, is that there has been a change to the green areas to try and protect the endangered species of flora, including the jarilla de cabeza de gato, a small yellow flower.

CLARO said: “If it goes forward, not only does this spoil the last green area and open space on Orihuela Costa, it will add significantly to the existing stock of some 50,000 properties and potentially bring another 5,000 new inhabitants to the Orihuela Costa population of 30,000 on the assumption of an average of three per house. 

Those living on the coast and already experiencing deficient services and an environment scarred by neglected parks and green areas, will suffer the brunt of the burden of this extra population.”

CLARO is now holding meetings and joining forces with organisations dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of the Orihuela Costa, in particular the Federation of Associations of Orihuela Costa and the Cambiemos political party in Orihuela, as they “try and save this emblematic area from the massive and destructive development being planned.”


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