Cats on camera

A DOCUMENTARY: Will be created from the drone footage.

A DRONE has been used to film the release of 160 stray cats captured and sterilised under a council programme on Tabarca Island.

A documentary which will be created from the footage, explained Animal Protection councillor Marisol Moreno, will be just the second of its type filmed on a European island and will serve as an example of the benefits of capture, sterilise and release schemes.

Three vets and a veterinary assistant were involved in this winter’s scheme, which collected strays from six different packs to sterilise and worm them with an aim to keeping population numbers under control.

“The number of stray cats on the island has doubled since the summer and in such a small area it is important to keep the population under control to avoid strays becoming a nuisance for residents,” Moreno explained.

The documentary will be presented this year and will be used at the European Feline Days as an example of stray cat pack management. Moreno said the capture, sterilise and release programme “is the only acceptable way of managing feline populations and it is more ethical, cheaper and more effective than the classic collection programmes.”



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