Care home opens its doors

CLEAN KITCHEN: The home’s kitchen is spotless and was immediately reopened by inspectors following the gastroenteritis outbreak.

THE care home which recently suffered an outbreak of gastroenteritis that sadly killed two people, has opened its doors to the Euro Weekly News.

Casa Verde in Guardamar del Segura had 22 elderly residents fall ill with five going to Torrevieja Hospital for treatment, the rest being treated by the centre’s own doctor.  Sadly two women who were both suffering from dementia, caught the bug and passed away in hospital, to the shock and dismay of the whole Casa Verde team. 

Since then there have been reports in the Spanish press that some family members were unhappy with the information and treatment they received from Casa Verde regarding the food poisoning outbreak. But director Victor Perez, said the family of every resident affected was contacted and the team were informing all family members about what had happened. 


He said that whilst he regretted being unable to visit the hospital in person, he was dealing with all the enquiries made at the home, and was in constant communication with the hospital who were also speaking directly with the families of those affected. He added: “The family of one of the ladies also thanked us for how we have cared for and worked with their mother over the years.” 

Sadly gastroenteritis is not uncommon in nursing homes as the elderly, as with children, are more susceptible to picking up bugs, but this is the first time in the home’s six years that residents have had to be hospitalised after falling ill. 

Victor Perez explained that the kitchen was immediately closed but was reopened the next day following a visit by inspectors who found everything as it should be. The food brought in by the centre all has reference numbers and is now being traced to see if there was a problem with the initial raw food. 

Mr Perez is keen to clarify that the sanitary inspectors said there was no issue with their kitchen facilities. 

He is also still waiting to hear about the exact causes of death of the two residents.

The tour of the centre, which is a light, clean, airy and welcoming space full of facilities and stimulating areas, particularly for those with dementia, came as the residents held their Christmas concert and sold crafts they made in various workshops.

The money from the sale of these items will go to two local charities in Guardamar with Casa Verde then giving back the residents the money which will then be used to fund some excursions.



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