The world is well rid of this man

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Barack Obama.

How typical of that petulant pillock Obama to make Trump’s accession to the White House as difficult as possible.

Why didn’t he just leave the decisions as to what action to take against Russia to the new administration? Why? Because he wants to throw that final rattle out of the pram, that’s why. The fact that his favourite white Nanny didn’t win the election meant that the country was also delivering its verdict on his own pathetic Islamic sympathising regime.

And what a limp wrist ‘retaliation’ it turned out to be. The expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, just before Christmas, merely resulted in disrupting a few family lives and ruining their holidays. Yeah. Nice one Obama. That really showed ‘em who was boss. I wonder how many Iranians he would have expelled just before Eid!? And what a wonderful reaction Putin had to this final effort to deliver as much infantile nastiness as possible. 

In true leadership fashion, not only did he not retaliate with the tit-for-tat childish nonsense Obama was no doubt expecting, he actually extended greetings and invitations to American diplomats and their families to join the Russian people in their celebrations and attend their Christmas and New Year shows at the Kremlin!

I’d like to have been a fly on the wall when Obama and his equally arrogant missus heard that one. I can hear the toys hitting the bedroom wall from here. No, the world is well rid of this man, who to my mind posed a serious threat to the safety of the West.

I know many have been sucked in by his apparent striving for world peace and unity, but I think that under all the rhetoric lurked an ulterior motive that, thank the Lord, with the demise of his chosen successor, will now be destroyed and consigned to the bin of dubious leaders, where it well and truly belongs.

Onward and upward everyone. Stay healthy. Stay positive. Stay above ground. And whatever ya do.


Always Keep the Faith
love Leapy
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  1. My take on this is that Obama understands he has done nothing and has to try and make some impact, this guy turned out to be a useless US President and to be honest I cannot blame the US people on voting in Trump when they have just had this idiot full of useless promises and then be given the options they were for a new president! People are fed up to their eye teeth after what Bush gave them and then what Obama didn’t… Obama should have concentrated on fixing a lot of the general issues in the US than to try and create a legacy for the first black president, but then does this surprise when all these people think about are themselves and how they go down in history? Shame they didn’t understand how the latter actually comes into play! 🙂

  2. Leapy Lee is, refreshingly, a very anti PC columnist!
    I totally agree with this article! Trump has yet to prove himself as Presdent, but Obama and his wife are so showbusiness and will no doubt be in the limelight they love for many moons to come! Rather that than continue to run a great country like the USA!

  3. Surely Leapy, (well he can’t still be leaping), doesn’t actually believe in what he writes? I know Obama was a bit of a lame duck President, but the alternative thats coming in this month?. He would fit in beautifully with the comic strip baddies, The Puzzler, The Penguin, The Joker, The Trumper.

    How can you trust anyone who hires a man nicknamed ” Mad Dog”. He’s going to be Putin’s best friend allegedly. Goodness me Leapy, your hero Churchill, will be turning in his grave.If he’d had his way we wouldn’t have stopped at Berlin.

    So it seems The Trumper is now going to be Mr Lees new hero.Don’t count your chickens mate, he’s keeping very low profile at present but just wait for the fireworks and blunders post inauguration.

    San Fulgencio.

  4. In the interest of balance:
    Obama tried to tighten gun control in an attempt to reduce ever-increasing gun massacres. He failed. Why? The Republican-backed gun-lobby is just too powerful.
    The Republican Bush legacy where men are detained indefinitely without charge and without trial. Shockingly illegal, and it feeds resentment against the US that drives terrorism. Obama tried to close it. He failed. Why? The Republican majority in Congress wouldn’t allow it.
    His military intervention with Cameron’s UK backing turned a stable country under Gadaffi’s regime into a hotbed of inter-tribal warfare allowing IS to flourish. Obama has expressed regret for this mistake.
    This Proxy War, using US funded rebels against Assad’s brutal regime backed-up by Russian military might has failed and merely increased the enormous death toll among innocent civilians. It has also directly caused the huge refugee crisis engulfing Europe. No apology so far.

    Among his successes?
    HEALTHCARE for millions of poorer Americans previously denied it.
    STIMULATING the US economy after the 2008 crash. Dollar up! UK austerity Pound down!

    Trump will FIX everything of course!

  5. What a wonderful letter from Anthony Jones,re Leapy Lees article on President Obama.I wrote a pathetic similar letter which rightly wasn’t published, but Mr.Jones so eloquently said everything I tried to say in my letter.

    It was a intellectual put down on Mr Lee with a superb ( ‘Let’s make America grope again!’) quote,classic.The piece pointed out the hypocritical rhetoric spouted by Lee and what’s more the lack of factual information he throws about willy nilly.

    In short Mr Jones is right and Lees wrong and a mile off the truth.Quite simply you were well and truly Trumped.

    San Fulgencio


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