Spanish Bank holidays

At least two weeks worth of holidays this year!

Spain will have a total of 10 national bank holidays in 2017:

January 2, the Monday after New Year’s Day, the Three Kings holiday on January 6, Good Friday on April 14, Worker’s Day on May 1, the Assumption of Mary August 15, Spanish National Day on October 12, All Saint’s Day on November 1, Constitution day on December 6,  December 8 for the Immaculate Conception and Christmas Day on December 25.

The regions will all have additional holidays:


Andalucia will celebrate Andalucia day on February 28, Tuesday, and Maundy Thursday on April 13.

The Balearic Islands will have Wednesday March 1, Balearic Regional Day, off as well as Maundy Thursday on April 13 and Easter Monday on April 17.

Murcia will also celebrate Maundy Thursday on April 13 and St James’ Day, Tuesday, on July 25

Valencia’s holidays will fall on April 13, Maundy Thursday, April 17, Easter Monday, and October 9, Valencia day, which will fall on a Monday. 


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