Natural disaster will be wake-up call

MARTIN HUTCHINSON: Raising environmental awareness.

A cyclist who has been biking through Spain to raise environmental awareness says he has been shocked by some of the attitudes encountered on his travels through the south of the country.

Former carpenter, Martin Hutchinson, who is now 55, believes the attitude of those who live on the coast is “absolutely appalling.”

At one beach-cleaning event, organised after he spoke to employees at a large firm, barely a handful of people arrived to help.

“People just don’t care. I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Human waste is going into the sea and nobody seems to want to do anything about it.”

Martin is making his way on his three-wheeled bike through large parts of Europe including Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden and Poland, before going to Australia and then on to India.

“We can’t keep going on like this. There will be a natural disaster caused by what we’re doing to the environment. That will be a painful wake-up call,” he said.

Martin spent many years travelling across South America trying to raise the plight of the environment, including the state of many rivers, to local authorities and ordinary people alike.

As reported by Euro Weekly News, he saw raw, untreated waste being tipped into the Amazon. 

“I want people to act on what I’m doing. If I can do this, one man by himself, then so can you.”

If you would like to follow Martin’s experiences, you can find him on Facebook and contacted him at martinhutchin [email protected]



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