Dodgy dam survives deluge but is not safe

PANTANO DE ELCHE: Has been a concern for many years.

THE state of the Pantano de Elche dam has been a concern for many, for many years.

Over 20 months ago a report was presented that warned of its precariousness stating there was a “progressive deterioration” and it was in a “poor situation.”

With this in mind, concern was raised during the recent floods and storms but the technicians reported that fortunately, it withstood the extra pressure of the water. The president of the Pentano de Elche Community, Emigdio Tormo, said: “It has collected water well” despite it being in a “precarious situation” and claims it does not meet the basic safety criteria. However the heavy rains exerted more pressure with the flows continually pouring over the dam and from other areas highlighting leaks in the structure.

Tormo regrets that almost two years have been lost without the politicians doing anything, although he is confident that with the new government team in the City Council and the Consell, action will be taken to secure the safety and future of the dam.


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