Two Spanish women with links to Daesh arrested on Turkish border as they attempted to leave Syria

Ministerio del Interior
ARRESTED: Asia Ahmed (left) and Fatima Akil.

TWO young Spanish women have been arrested on the Turkey-Syria border as they attempted to return to Spain following a spell working for Daesh.

The pair, aged 21 and 26-years-old, respectively and both from Ceuta, have been wanted by police since they left for the conflict zone and were detained alongside their two young children who were born in Syria to deceased fighters.

One of the women was married to the infamous Jihadista known in Spain as ‘Kokito’ or ‘Castillejo’s beheader’ (Spanish: el decapitador de Castillejos), who was killed in Aleppo in 2015.


The women, who have been named as  Fatima Akil Laghmich and Asia Ahmed Mohamed, both have Spanish national identity (DNI) numbers and are considered a threat to national security due to their links with Daesh.

Both had international arrest warrants issued on their names, and the arrests were carried out in a joint operation involving Spanish and Turkish police.


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