Spanish town celebrates annual flour power uprising for charity

EGG ON YOUR FACE: Two revellers in the thick of the battle

RESIDENTS of a town near Benidorm wrested control from their council using flour and eggs as their weapons.

The annual tradition in Ibi sees locals mount mock battles for ‘control’ of the town with the ‘rebels’ covered in flour and the ‘government forces’ dressed in military-style uniforms.

When those covered in flour overthrow the ‘rulers’ they then set their own laws for the day, collecting a ‘tax’ from businesses and people not covered in flour which is given to charity.


Those who refuse risk being pelted with flour bombs and eggs as punishment.

When the day draws to a close a ceasefire is agreed and a banquet held followed by dancing and more flour antics.

At the end of the festivities, control of the town is given back to the council.

The tradition began more than 200 years ago but was brought back in 1981 and is celebrated every year on December 28.

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