Spanish pair arrested in Greece for trying to assist refugees

The Spanish pair arrested in Greece

ON the website there is a report that two Spaniards Mikel Zuloaga and Begoña Huarte were arrested by Greek customs officers at the port of Igoumenitsa on December 27.

The pair have been placed in detention and are likely to be charged with the offence of people smuggling as when their camper van was searched officers found eight refugees from different parts of the middle east who they were trying to take by ferry to Italy and then on to Spain.

The two Spaniards were not acting from a profit motive but it is claimed that they are individuals who belong to a group based in Bilbao who are opposed to the EU migration policy and want to support human rights by helping refugees start a new life in Spain.


Ironically, it would appear that the eight passengers will be released without charge but the couple could face long prison sentences if convicted which is why a petition calling for their release which has so far almost 10,000 signatures has been started on


  1. I don’t understand why people see an issue with them being charged, assisting people to cross borders illegally is people smuggling, for profit or not… end of story!


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