Long lives of utter bone idleness

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Houses of Parliament: Nothing more than a playground.

AT long last we will start a New Year with business people at the helm of our most powerful ally. Let’s hope this trend spreads to more of our leading nations. Politicians simply can’t hack it. 

Most of them are so out of touch with the real world, they don’t have a clue how to make it a success.  So-called diplomatic expertise and political solutions are positively old hat.  Although they do have their place, they are about as far removed from effectively creating a thriving society as Jeremy Corbyn is from ever becoming prime minister (and it doesn’t get any further than that!) 

Most of the members of this outdated profession are cosseted dinosaurs, raised in an entanglement of old boys’ networks with basically three objectives in mind; power, prestige or lives of utter bone idleness. Parliament is nothing more than their playground, merely an extension of public school debating societies – and just about as useless. 


As most of the privileged are on the ‘blue team,’ this leads to the ‘red side’ resorting to decisions instigated by the politics of envy and often barely disguised hatred – none of which does the country any good whatsoever.

As I have stated on numerous occasions, the world is a business. Highfalutin individuals, who act like children, and are often morally immature, don’t fit the modern day bill at all. 

Good luck to President elect Trump and his board of directors (including ‘Mad Dog!’). May he run his section of corporation Earth with shrewd acumen, fairness and as much moral and physical profit for its shareholders as possible.

Well, here it comes 2017AD. Reads like a Sci Fi number (to me anyway!) What an exciting future we Brits have in store. Freedom from Brussels. A dramatically changing planet. Hopefully controlled borders and, PG, an iron fist for those who would do us harm. All this, plus Theresa May’s choice of high heels. What more can we ask?

Happy New Year to us all. Let us hope that peace, harmony and the survival of our culture will be the order of the day.

Keep the Faith
Love Leapy  
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  1. My sentiments exactly! There are a lot of things that need to change in our politics but getting rid of many of the clowns such as the Diane Abbot’s, J Corbyn’s, Nick Clegg’s, Tim Farron’s and Chuka Umunna’s from parliament “to name but a few” would be a great start! 🙂

  2. Freedom – is the issue. No prisoner with a warm cell, regular medical checks, food, TV, a gym, security and all the rest does NOT try to get out – into a world where they know they may never find another job or proper accommodation, and it will be cold and wet. But Freedom is worth more. And Britain will once again be free, however hard it is for the first few years.


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