JoysLive for New Year’s Eve

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Paul Maxwel and performers.

THE Fabulous JoysLive in the very heart of the entertainment centre of Puerto Banus could well be the place to visit to see in not just the New Year but to enjoy the atmosphere and quality music.

Paul Maxwel (the Piano Man) and all of the waiting staff and performers at this pulsating nightclub have been pulling out the stops in order to decorate the venue and whilst it opens in the afternoon of December 31 the party probably won’t get going until about 10pm but from then on, your feet won’t be able to stop tapping.

All of the regular singers and musicians will be joining Paul to count in the New Year and the music won’t stop until the very early hours when it will be time to think about breakfast.


Every night is a great night at JoysLive but New Year’s Eve promises to be spectacular.


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