Madrid bans 50% of traffic from entering the city centre

Trafic jam in Atocha, near Madrid city centre

Madrid is set to ban half the influx of traffic into the city centre due to high levels of air pollution.

The mayor of Madrid, Marta Higueras, confirmed the city will be moving into stage 3 of its anti-pollution measures after nitrogen oxide levels were found to be too high.

Starting on Thursday, 29th of December, vehicles whose registration ends in odd numbers can enter the city centre on odd calendar dates and those with even numbers at the end will be allowed in on even dates.


This restriction will apply to vehicles on the section known as the almendra central and drivers will still have to maintain speeds of above 70kph when using the M-40 and other access roads to the capital.

The ban will include residents as well as commuters, starting at 6.30am and ending at 9pm daily.

Local police will be enforcing the restrictions with fines of up to €90.

The mayor said public transport will be boosted to accommodate the expected increase in users with an extra 400,000 spaces on the metro and 50 buses being added to the route. 

Vehicles with zero emissions, carpools, delivery vehicles, public service vehicles, public transport vehicles and motorcycles are exempt from the changes. 


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