Burger King ‘changes name’ for Spanish customers

© Burger King/Facebook
"Burguer King" restaurant in Madrid

FAST food giant Burger King announced it would be adding a “U” to its name across Spain to fit in with the Spanish pronunciation of the chain (Burguer King).

The brand said in a press release it wanted to “at long last be written the way it is pronounced”.

The logos on all its social media pages were changed and even some of the restaurants in the capital changed their signs.


But the announcement was later revealed to be a prank – an early Dia de los Inocentes, the Spanish version of April fool’s day which normally takes place on December 28th.

 The stunt tricked many media outlets and spread like wildfire over the country´s social media.

Burger King’s PR team later said the hoax was meant to be “a bit of a laugh.”


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