Surveillance city

BUSINESS COMMUNITY: Voiced their support of installing a new video surveillance system.

LOCAL merchants have voiced their support of installing a new video surveillance system across Marbella. The entrepreneurs believe that a camera network in tourist and commercial hotspots would bolster their businesses.

Guiseppe Russo, president of the Association of Businessmen and Professionals of Puerto Banus, said modern surveillance is essential, 10 years after his group first began calling for it.

The council has now committed itself to installing new systems in key parts of the city which will count on support from the business community. Other than Puerto Banus, entrepreneurs believe the Paseo Maritimo and Avenida Ricardo Soriano warrant their own surveillance. 


Golf courses and other luxury developments may be provided their own cameras at public expense in order to ensure that wealthy tourists and guests feel secure. 

Drug dealing, prostitution and theft are common problems in Puerto Banus and Russo said he hopes the council will put its money where its mouth is and follow through with its pledge. 


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