Spain’s severe floods cause salad shortage in UK

Sainburies UK

DECEMBER’S severe flooding across southern Spain has had a knock-on effect on British supermarkets.

The destruction of fields, loss of labour and immature plants has had a huge impact on crop collection and delivery. An enormous percentage of fresh vegetables and salad produce comes from Spain’s south coast in winter. 

Yields have reportedly dropped by more than two thirds in agricultural hotspots such as Murcia, affecting lettuce, broccoli and citrus fruit harvests. 


A Sainsbury’s spokesman told British media: “There has been limited supply of our iceberg and gem lettuce due to weather conditions in Spain but deliveries to stores are now taking place.”

Other supermarkets are reportedly turning to the US and other countries for fresh produce and expect the shortage to last weeks, or even months, while Spanish farms recover from some of the worst floods in living memory


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