Fighting for a no kill policy

NO KILL: Just two of the many dogs happily and safely re-homed, Heather and Toby.

SINCE 2007, the owners of Los Infiernos Perrera dog pound, San Javier, have promoted a ‘no kill’ policy with local authorities. To date, Pilar de la Horadada is the only local authority to actually implement a no kill policy. Other authorities that have contracted Los Infiernos Perrera to take in their stray dogs, do not have such a policy, but owners, Antonio Aguilar and his wife, Carmen, with the help of the charities Los Infiernos Perrera Supporters (LIPS) and Caminando con Ellos, have operated a ‘no kill’ policy of their own. Working together, they have saved hundreds of dogs’ lives and found them loving homes. 

Antonio Aguilar had secured contracts with Pilar de la Horadada, San Pedro del Pinatar, Los Alcazares, Torre Pacheco, Mazarron and, more recently, Guardamar to ensure that all dogs sent to him would not be put to sleep, but Los Alcazares and San Pedro del Pinatar have now just awarded their 2017 contracts to a known killing station in Mazarron. Dogs taken there will be put to sleep within a short period of time if not claimed by their owners. This is all so that the local authorities can save €2,600 a year on costs. 

This year alone, 223 dogs have been re-homed by LIPS/Caminando con Ellos, but the dogs just keep coming and they are always full to bursting point. The volunteers work hard to raise funds to ensure that the dogs are always fed, are healthy and are walked a few times a week, but all of this takes a lot of money and dedication and they need regular donations and more volunteers to help. 


If you would like to donate or get involved, please email Karen MacDonald at [email protected] or call 633 357 309.

In the meantime, local charities are joining forces to try and persuade Los Alcazares and San Pedro del Pinatar to keep their contracts with Los Infiernos Perrera and ensure that stray or abandoned dogs don’t end up in a bin bag. There is an online petition that everyone can sign at do-con-ellos-lips  or you can call into the Cruz Azul Centr in San Javier or the Galgos del Sol/Asociacion Unicos charity shop at Oasis Bulevar to sign.

A demonstration will also be held at Los Alcazares Town Hall December 27 at 1.30pm.


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