Bidding to boost artisan produce

NATIVE PRODUCE: Popular with locals.

AS Mallorca continues to promote its artisanal produce a survey has been conducted of residents to see just what local delights get stomachs growling. A campaign is underway to get speciality foods and drinks native to the islands protected with certificates of origin and help promote their sale in local shops.

Organised by the Agricultural ministry the survey asked locals just how often they bought particular Mallorcan oils, olives, almonds, wines and cheeses, and what kind of people prefer which products.

For instance, the most popular wine is Binissalem, although younger generations under the age of 46 seem to prefer the earthy option Serra de Tramuntana. 


More than half of those asked regularly buy Mallorquina speciality, Ensaimada de Mallorca, 43 per cent often buy Sobrasada, a quarter purchase Mallorcan olives and a fifth choose local almonds at least once a month.

The most popular cheese, however, is a little further afield, across the sea in Menorca which produces Mahon cheese, the Balearics’ clear dairy favourite. 

Local authorities are keen for people to buy local artisanal produce for Christmas gifts and for festive meals. By enhancing their local popularity, producers stand a better chance of getting certification for their work, and may be able to command a higher price in international markets.


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