Ending the silence

GENDER VIOLENCE: Around seven out of every 10 trials ends with a guilty verdict.

THE courts of the Valencian Community held more than 1,500 trials related to gender violence during the third quarter of the year. More than 1,150 of these trials ended with the accused being found guilty.

This indicates that around seven out of every 10 trials ends with a guilty verdict, a percentage which generally mirrors statistics from other parts of the country. 

In the third quarter of the year, 38,402 cases of gender violence were reported in all of Spain, which indicates an interannual growth of 13.9 per cent. 


Requests for restraining orders are also on the rise. In the Valencian Community alone, 700 requests were made for restraining orders and 507 were awarded.  

Representatives from women’s organisations have pointed out that the rising numbers should not necessarily be seen as alarming, as they could be indicative of increased awareness of the issue of gender violence.

Nationwide, around 68 per cent of the cases were reported by the victims themselves.


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