Weather cheer!

ORIHUELA: The Segura River overflowed for the first time since 1987.

Following the unseasonably bad weather in southern Spain things are looking brighter for the Christmas weekend.

Weather forecasters expect little rain and certainly no huge storms.

This good news follows the tragic deaths of five people as waves of up to four metres and winds of force seven and eight battered coastal areas for the second time in a month.


The death toll over the two weekends of heavy rain stands at seven.

The bad weather led to absolute havoc in many communities as rivers overflowed or burst their banks and many people found their homes under feet of water.

Commercially the weather has also cast an unseasonal cloud over what for many is the busiest time of the year.

In the south of the region, one man died after being dragged into a swimming pool.

The 40-year-old who drowned in Los Alcázares in Murcia, was caught by a waterspout. His body was found later in the pool.

In the same town a 47-year-old man was trapped in a flooded underground garage on Monday night.

After his wife raised the alarm, specialist divers were dispatched and found the man had drowned. 

People were advised not to travel and to stay at home as the bad weather hit, forcing the civic authorities to close schools and colleges.

Streets were badly flooded in Murcia City and in Orhiuela the Segura River overflowed for the first time since 1987, rising in some places to six metres.

More than a dozen roads were cut off in Cartagena and in Molino de Leon a mother went into labour, but the family were unable to leave their village because of the floodwater.

The baby was eventually delivered by the husband and a Guardia Civil officer while a doctor dispensed instructions over the phone.

Farmers reported damage to crops as the waters flooded fields causing losses which have been put in the millions.


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