Spiky find in Almeria

HEDGEHOG: Is a protected species.
TEN hedgehogs have been confiscated from a van which was parked in Almeria City after police officers determined they were of a protected species.
A Local Police patrol noted a number of vehicles parked on grounds behind Maestro Padilla Auditorium which appeared to be offering goods for sale. 
Upon informing the owners of the vehicles that travelling sales were not permitted at the site, the officers noted that nobody had claimed to own a van parked there.
Deciding to examine the vehicle, the policemen opened the back doors to find 10 hedgehogs hidden inside. The Guardia Civil’s Seprona nature protection branch and Soivre official exports surveillance service were informed, and identified the animals as North African hedgehogs (Atelerix algirus), which are included in the catalogue of protected species.
The hedgehogs were confiscated and taken to a specialist animal shelter.


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